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One of the challenges (albeit a fun one) of any "top ten" list is trying to distill the most important items down from a much bigger list of contenders.  It's not just the fiscal cost that mat
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For more than half a century, hydrocarbon deposits have enriched many middle-eastern countries beyond measure.  But geology didn't favor all spots equally, and Israel pretty much came up dry.&
Israel, Leviathan, natural gas development, royalty relief, sovereign wealth funds, Tamar
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Ahh, how the petty world of politics doth make fools of us all.  It is not enough that Elon Musk is trying to start a new car company in a market segment ruled by massive multinationals. 
Chris Christie, electric vehicles, Elon Musk, Flash Jams, Geico, New Jersey, photovoltaic, Solar City, Tesla
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In one of their recent blog posts, the Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS) called attention to the apparently amazing efficiency of Chinese new build nuclear reactors.  Two new units a
accident liability, China, NIRS, nuclear subsidies, state owned enterprises
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Colorado's govenor John Hickenloper has estimated that annual sales and excise taxes on the state's legal marijuana market will bring in as much as
Colorado, fossil fuel subsidies, hemp, John Hickenloper, marijuana, Michael Bennet, Rocky Mountain Institute

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