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by dkoplow on Nov 04, 2015 | Read More | Give Feedback
The promised progress from the Iranian nuclear deal appears still to be far from materializing.  The deal, or more formally, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was signed on July 14, 2015
Greg Jones, Henry Sokolski, Iran, magical flying machines, NPEC, nuclear proliferation, nuclear weapons, uranium
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I'll say right up front that I am not an unbiased observer of this particular effort by OECD to tabulate support measures to fossil fuels.  I've collaborated with Ron Steenblik, one of the pro
BRIC, China, fossil fuel subsidies, Inventory of Support Measures, Jehan Sauvage, OECD, Ron Steenblik, tax expenditures
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Lot's happening with nuclear around the world -- mostly associated with continued problems with market-competitive delivery, seeking alms from taxpayers, and attempts by taxpayer groups and trading
Areva, Clinton Foundation, contract for difference, France, Harvard Business School, Hinkley Point C, Joe Lassiter, loan guarantees, M. V. Ramana, MEAG, nuclear subsidies, Rosatom, small modular reactors, Toshiba, UK, Uranium One, Vogtle
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For many decades, natural resource industries would work their land, sell their minerals, and abandon their sites for somebody else to deal with.  There are tens of thousands of such sites aro
abandoned mine lands, coal subsidies, hard rock mining, nuclear decommissioning, Peabody Energy
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Another roundup of interesting tidbits from the world of government subsidies.
externalities, foreign ownership of nuclear reactors, fossil fuel subsidies, French nuclear program, Global Subsidies Initiative, IMF, Nordic Council of Ministers, NRC, nuclear subsidies, uranium prices

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