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Transocean continues to innovate to avoid taxes everywhere; forming tax-favored Master Limited Partnership

Transocean owns operates complex offshore oil rigs, including the one that blew out in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2012, killing 11 workers and despoiling the Gulf of Mexico.  There do not appe


Balanced scenarios on the future of nuclear power: thoughts from IEA expert meetings

The IEA is producing two detailed assessments on nuclear energy in the coming months.  The first, a chapter in their vaunted World Energy Outlook, will examine


Two important publications on fossil fuel subsidies released last week

Two important publications on fossil fuel subsidies were released last week, though covering quite different aspects of the problem.  The first, by Oil Change International in Washington, DC,


Government subsidies that harm recycling

The first work I did on environmentally-harmful subsidies was in 1988, and wasn't actually on energy subsidies -- at least not at first.  It was an examination of federal government subsidies


Subsidy Briefs, June 19, 2014

1)  Toronto Hydro looks to implement power subsidies on steroids to large consumers.  Trying to cut down power bills?  Use less energy has long been the solution.&nb


Nuclear Waste Fund: a little break for some free lunch

With no plan for a long-term nuclear waste repository in process, the nuclear and utility industries argued that continued collection of the nuclear waste fund fee was unwarranted.  Litigati


John Oliver Nails the First Rule of Subsidies

Hidden amongst a great (and very funny) review of the battle over net neutrality, comedian John Oliver pretty much nails the first rule of subsidies -- or more precisely, the first rule of getting


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