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Managing Israeli Natural Gas Revenues to Protect Domestic Energy Security, Innovation, and Future Generations

For more than half a century, hydrocarbon deposits have enriched many middle-eastern countries beyond measure.  But geology didn't favor all spots equally, and Israel pretty much came up dry.&


Maybe Gov. Christie is blocking NJ direct sales of Tesla to protect Tesla drivers from running out of juice on GW Bridge

Ahh, how the petty world of politics doth make fools of us all.  It is not enough that Elon Musk is trying to start a new car company in a market segment ruled by massive multinationals. 


Chinese nuke plants: really cheaper or just more heavily subsidized?

In one of their recent blog posts, the Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS) called attention to the apparently amazing efficiency of Chinese new build nuclear reactors.  Two new units a


CO stoked by marijuana tax receipts, but is leaving 4x as much revenue in the weeds due to fossil fuel subsidies

Colorado's govenor John Hickenloper has estimated that annual sales and excise taxes on the state's legal marijuana market will bring in as much as


Mother of all Solyndras: $6.5 billion in subsidized nuke loans to Vogtle goes final today; $1.8 billion more to follow soon

Homeowners are lucky if they get a 60 day rate lock on their mortgage application.  Nuclear reactor developers seem to have no such problem:  agreements for multi-billion dollar subsidize


Global consensus on the logic and need for fossil fuel reform continues to broaden

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is embarking on a major work program to identify and assess fossil  fuel subsidies throughout Latin America and the Carribean.  I had the privile


Sen. Baucus' energy subsidy tax reform proposal would provide windfall to nuclear power

In December, the Senate Finance Committee released a plan (links below table), spearheaded by Senator Max Baucus, that aims to simplify tax breaks to energy.  There are some interesting elemen


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