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The Economics, Politics and Future of Energy Subsidies

This report summarizes the Climate Policy Initiative Workshop, hosted at DIW Berlin, that took pl ...

Gaining Traction: The importance of transparency in accelerating the reform of fossil-fuel subsidies

An accurate picture of the level and nature of subsidization is a necessary first step towards r ...

Phasing Out Federal Subsidies for Coal

The purpose of this report is to urge consistency in the development and implementation of federa ...

The Effects of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform: A review of modelling and empirical studies

Reforming subsidies to fossil fuels is a challenging prospect for many governments.

Executive Summary -- EIA Energy Subsidy Estimates: A Review of Assumptions and Omissions

Petroleum Product Subsidies: Costly, Inequitable, and Rising

Petroleum product subsidies have again started to rise with the rebound in international prices. ...

Minding the Gap: Achieving Energy Success Via a Neutral Policy Platform

Review of key federal policy trends in the energy sector, identifying the unprecendented scale of interventions, and the inadequate attention being paid to incentive alignment and assessment of lev


Data on Coal Industry R&D Spending on CCS

Despite industry advertising to the contrary, an

Wind Energy: The Case of Denmark

Critical review of wind energy in Denmark arguing that the resource is less reliable than claimed ...

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