Chart or Table

Stand-alone charts or tables that convey important summary information on environmental policies and subsidies.

Sixty Years of U.S. Energy Subsidies: EIA Studies in Comparison with Other Research

Table comparing EIA energy subsidy estimates to a variety of other assessments conducted over the past 30 years in the United States. 

Table extracted from Doug Koplow, EIA Energy Subsidy Estimates:  A Review of Assumptions and Omissions, Earth Track, Inc., March 2010.  Access full report.  Access executive summary only.

Subsidies to Nuclear and Biofuels Among the Most Costly Carbon Abatement Strategies.

Provides subsidy cost per mt CO2eq abated via goverment supports to biofuels (including cellulosic) and nuclear energy.  Integrating data from McKinsey & Co. on abatement options, demonstrates subsidies comprise the least efficient options for addressing climate change. Prepared for Greenpeace Solutions.  (June 2008).