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Written by dkoplowPosted: Aug. 02, 2017

Endless Summer, Bikini Contests, and Other Developments in the Nuclear Renaissance

NuSubsidies cover page It's been a rough few months for nuclear power, with the bankruptcy of Westinghouse, the US nuclear arm of Toshiba; continued cost escalation at both US reactor projects and the UK's Hinkley C; and the decision on Monday to abandon two in-process reactors at the V.C. Summer site in South Carolina… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: Jul. 20, 2017

Subsidies to suppliers in the PJM Interconnection go to fossil and nuclear, not just renewables

PJM Interconnection is a regional transmission operator (RTO) serving more than 60 million customers in 13 states and the District of Columbia.  The service region is centered in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Incumbent base load generators within PJM have complained that subsidies… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: Jul. 18, 2017

Subsidy Briefs, July 18, 2017

Wolf Creek reactor hacked in 2017 1)  Windmills hacked by Russians.  In a worrying escalation of software attacks, Russian engineers penetrated control systems at a number of US windmills, causing erratic operating performance and increased bird kills.  Yeah, if only things could be that simple.  In another example that the "… Read More