Terms of Use

Terms Subject to Change.  Earth Track will modify and update site terms of usage from time-to-time.  Users should check this page periodically.

Copyright. Information and publications posted on this site are copyrighted by Earth Track and/or its partners. While access to these materials is public, users may not republish any subsidy compilations without prior written permission. While we encourage and appreciate links from your sites to materials here, you are not allowed to download and repost Earth Track content to your own site without prior permission.  Specific analysis or summary data may be excerpted for use in outside publications so long as Earth Track and its associated contributors are properly cited.

Accuracy of Information. Earth Track uses a peer review system to validate information reported to us by third parties. While we attempt to ensure that information contained on the site is accurate, we make no warranties in this regard and are not responsible for inaccuracies or errors that may exist in any current or future data sets. Users are encouraged to report any problems they see in data affecting their areas of interest so that any errors may be corrected.

Subsidy-related documents are made accessible through the site as a service to site users.  Including links does not imply that Earth Track has validated data or claims within these documents or necessarily agrees with their methodology or findings.  We reserve the right (though are not obligated) to include information in the document abstract on inaccuracies within particular documents that have been brought to our attention.

Property Rights. Data contributed to Earth Track becomes our property for integration into our data sets and subsequent distribution, compilation, or publication. We will provide you with proper credit for your contributions on the site (unless you request the contribution remain anonymous). More extensive research partnerships will be undertaken with particular institutions from time to time. Agreements for these partnerships will normally allow the partner to publish the results of the analysis and use the information for their own purposes, so long as the affiliation with Earth Track is noted. Earth Track will also retain full rights to integrate, compile, publish, or resell this information as well (properly crediting the partner organization).  We have an educational mission to broaden the understanding of environmentally-harmful subsidies and may except text or parts of images as part of that mission.  We view use of materials in that context as Fair Use under copyright law.  If you feel your IP is being improperly used, please contact us at comments (AT) earthtrack.net so we can address your concerns.

Confidential Data. Individuals or organizations contributing data for inclusion on the Earth Track site are responsible for assuring the information does not represent confidential business information or classified government information. As we get data from scores of countries, it is impossible for us to do this screening ourselves. We will assume that all information received by contributors has already passed the confidentiality test.

Data Contributor Responsibilities.  Users authorized to contribute information to specific parts of the site, as well as users contributing to portions of the site open to broad comment, are required to act professionally and appropriately with respect to the accuracy of materials posted, and the exclusion of slanderous or knowingly false data.  Lewd or threatening materials of any sort are not allowed, will not be tolerated on the site, and will result in termination of site priviliges.  Users are encouraged to report any problematic materials to us at comments (AT) earthtrack.net.

Rights to Terminate Site Access and Posting Rights.  To protect site integrity and quality, Earth Track retains absolute rights to revoke any or all site edit or access rights granted to individual users or partnership organizations.  While we will normally work to rectify problems in ways short of revoking access privileges, we are under no obligation to do so and recognize that alternative resolutions may not always be possible.