Biomass Electricity: Clean Energy Subsidies for a Dirty Industry

American taxpayers and ratepayers are subsidizing a form of “renewable” energy—biomass electricity- that causes short and long-term harm to the public health and the environment. There are 234 of these so-called “clean and green” biomass electricity projects proposed for the U.S. The scale of these plants ranges from 25 to more than 100 megawatts (MW), often dwarfing the 255 existing biomass power facilities, which generally range from 2 to 5 MW capacity. This polluting form of electricity production currently accounts for over 50% of the so-called “renewable” energy in the U.S.

Ten Most Distortionary Energy Subsidies

Government policies should work in tandem with market forces to achieve an adequate energy supply mix that is cleaner and more diverse than what preceeded it. In reality, thousands of government policies in place around the world act counter to stated objectives regarding energy security, diversification, and environmental protection. Based on past work by Earth Track, and querying subsidy experts from around the world, this paper highlights ten global subsidies deemed particularly eggregious.