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Natural gas fracking well in Louisiana

We are excited to welcome you to the new Earth Track web site.  In addition to much better visuals, the site is structured to make it easier for people interested in environmentally harmful subsidies to share information on new work you are doing, and to track subsidy recipients around the world.  We will be rolling out new functions incrementally, and update you as this occurs. 

We hope that many of you will become registered users of the site so you can upload your own subsidy work to the site.  This will enable others to benefit from your efforts, and provide you with additional leverage as well.   Note that uploads are moderated, so there will be a delay between when you upload a document and an abstract, and when shows up in our subsidy resources section.

Special thanks for this evolution goes to the web rebuild team of Community IT Innovators (primarily Frank Hamilton, Greg Lavallee, Matt Travers, and Andrew Pendleton) , Michelle Murrain (Open Issue), Ryan Wachtl (studio.wachtl), and Deborah Finn.