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Japanese Government: $26 billion bailout of TEPCO is a "major step forward"

The Japanese Parliament has just passed a new law that pumps the equivalent of $26 billion into a fund to pay for damages caused by TEPCO's Fukushima disaster.  This is an "initial" contribution, so more could be on the way.  Rather than viewing this massive bailout to nuclear power as a failure in all dimensions of the regulatory oversight and financial assurance system of Japan, the payment is characterized as a "major step forward" by Yukio Edano, the chief cabinet secretary.

Nuclear Energy Loses Cost Advantage

Identifying the real costs of competing energy technologies is complicated by the wide range of subsidies and tax breaks involved. As a result, U.S. taxpayers and utility users could end up spending hundreds of billions, even trillions of dollars more than necessary to achieve an ample low-carbon energy supply, if legislative proposals before the U.S. Congress lead to adoption of an ambitious nuclear development program, Mr. Cooper said in a report last November...

GE Hitachi Sr. VP: Government should sell our reactors for us

The July 8, 2010 edition of Nucleonics Week (not available on the web) included a fairly remarkable article by Ann MacLachlan on Danny Roderick, senior vice president of new projects for GE Hitachi.  The article is based on an address he gave to the the Platts European Nuclear Power conference on June 29 in London, and a subsequent interview with Platts.  Some choice quotes from the article:

1)  Socialism's not so bad:  sell our reactors when you sell countries military equipment

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