tax breaks

An Introduction to Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Webinar slides prepared for the Vote Solar Initiative to provide an overview of fossil fuel subsidies.  The presentation discusses the informational gaps that often plague numbers on fossil fuel subsidies reported in the press, and provides a number of frameworks and tools to help Vote Solar members to more comprehensively assess that subsidies that competing projects may be receiving.

American Power Act and nuke subsidies: Kerry-Lieberman kicks in the final 20%

Fresh off of a financial crisis that risked throwing the US into a depression, my hope was that lessons would be learned.  Nothing dramatic, perhaps, but at least the basics on incentive structures in financial deals.  Like when you let people bet only with somebody else's money, they are far less careful about what they bet on, and how much they put at risk.  And the related issue that if you let investors take their own cash out of the game too quickly, the probability of project failure rises sharply.  And finally, if the one left fronting (or guaranteeing) all the cash is you, it is tim

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