Tongass old growth timber: restarting old federal subsidies to clearcutting?

There are fewer and fewer non-fragmented ecosystems in the US; the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska is one of them.  The Los Angeles Times notes that at 17 million acres, the Tongass is the "world's largest intact coastal temperate rain forest."  For nearly two decades, the federal government has banned the construction of new roads in nearly half of this area.  Roads are what bring trucks, logging, mining, and other activities deep into the wildnerne

Quantification of U.S. Marine Fisheries Subsidies

Subsidies to the fishing industry are common worldwide, and it is well accepted that these subsidies contribute to overcapacity in fishing fleets and overexploitation of fisheries resources. To date, however, most of the quantitative estimates of these subsidies reported in the literature have been at either the multicountry or global level. Estimates are rarely based on a detailed accounting of individual subsidy programs, limiting both their accuracy and usefulness for management decisions. The present analysis helps fill this gap with respect to U.S. fisheries subsidies.

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