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Tongass old growth timber: restarting old federal subsidies to clearcutting?

There are fewer and fewer non-fragmented ecosystems in the US; the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska is one of them.  The Los Angeles Times notes that at 17 million acres, the Tongass is the "world's largest intact coastal temperate rain forest."  For nearly two decades, the federal government has banned the construction of new roads in nearly half of this area.  Roads are what bring trucks, logging, mining, and other activities deep into the wildnerne

Communicating Arcane Subsidies to a General Audience: Look at the "Story of Broke"

Like implant dentists or utility accountants, subsidy wonks can go to trade meetings (yes, meetings on natural resource subsidies do exist) to find people who talk our language.  In that "safe" space, we can be met with a knowing nod as we wax poetic on the difference between revenue loss and outlay equivalents, or what is missing from a price gap estimate. 

Support for Tasmanian Forestry 1997-98 to 2007-08

The Tasmanian forestry industries has received more than A$630 million in direct and indirect subsidies from 1997 to 2008. The study also found that despite the huge taxpayer funded subsides, which were intended to create jobs, that there have been steady job losses over the same period.  The authors advocate a commercially-based industry, and that Forestry Tasmania deliver a commercial rate of return.

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