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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has ruled that Calvert Cliffs 3 ineligible for licensing because is violates the Atomic Energy Act's rules on foreign ownership, control or domination. 

The NRC staff has determined that UniStar’s application does not meet the requirements of 10 CFR 50.38. The basis of the determination is: (1) UniStar is 100 percent owned by a foreign corporation (EDF), which is 85 percent owned by the French government; (2) EDF has the power to exercise foreign ownership, control, or domination over UniStar; and (3) the Negation Action Plan submitted by UniStar does not negate the foreign ownership, control or domination issues discussed above.

This ruling was the result of dogged work by the NGOs copied on the ruling: Michael Mariotte of NIRS, Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear, Alison Fisher of Public Citizen, and June Sevilla of Southern MD Cares.  You can read their 2008 petition here, and a document history of the Calvert Cliffs 3 reactor here.