Counting with Mitt: Subsidies to fossil fuels that the campaign forgot

Part 2 of my review of energy subsidies and the Romney campaign is a bit long for a blog posting.  Thus, it has been uploaded as a PDF instead, and can be accessed here.  Issues covered include conflicts between the private equity world view and good national policy; how appropriate adjustments to Romney's subsidy baseline alter the conclusions he drew from the figures, and a discussion of missing subsidies in a number of key areas:  tax-exempt oil and gas master limited partnership

Mitt Romney on energy and energy subsidies

In advance of Tuesday's election, I thought it would be useful to have a quick look at Mitt Romney's vision for the country's energy future.  This blog post provides links to other assessments of his broader energy plan that I think do a nice job framing some important issues, and then discusses Romney's statements about subsidies to clean energy.  Part 2, which  won't be ready for a couple more days, will look some critical deficits in Romney's statements about subsidies to oil and gas, and provide guidance on important subsidies he is overlooking and why these matter.

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