Jeff Koplow

Energy Innovation at MIT: The good and the bad

A couple of stories related to energy innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have crossed my desk today, highlighting very different aspects of the school's role in trying to solve energy problems.  The first relates to a what many of us normally associate with MIT:  interesting, sometimes high risk, technology innovation.  This specific story involves a potential breakthrough in an area I've long thought of as a game changer for distributed power generation:  see-through solar.  Salvatore Salamone describes the technology in

Jeff Koplow and the full redesign of cooling fans: the small stuff really matters

Each time the DOE plops down another loan guarantee in the hundreds of millions or billions of dollars for this type of generation or that, it is easy to forget that power is actually fungible.  Small improvements in how we use power can be equally or more important to addressing energy security and climate change concerns as how we make power.  Further, these improvements are multiplied across millions of devices and millions of users into material reductions in demand.  The aggregate impact can often be well in excess of the new supply being created with more expensive a

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