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Written by dkoplowPosted: Aug. 15, 2019

Nuclear subsidy briefs, August 15, 2019

NRC logo Nuclear economics remain underwhelming, but the creative ways the industry pursues to shift risks onto others and to seek new subsidies for themselves continue unabated.  Here's a run-down of a few recent developments. 1)  NRC approves sale of closed Pilgrim nuclear reactor to Holtec.  After… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: May. 21, 2019

Got a Closed Reactor to Sell? Introducing Holtec's Big Adventure

What is a savvy utility to do if it is wrapping up production at a plant that's been running for 40 years, and now faces decades of complex responsibility with no new revenues?  Unload it, of course.  But to whom?  The thing isn't making money; indeed, it'll soon start Hoovering cash.  Plus the… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: Apr. 29, 2019

Big surprise: fossil fuels win under tax reform

Analysis of the early post-tax reform data from large public companies suggests that many profitable firms are paying no federal income taxes, and often getting refunds.  Firms involved with fossil fuels have been big winners.  An April paper by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy in… Read More