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Oil for (almost) nothing and gas for free

Natural resource giveaways to friends and family have long been a global concern, and there is an extensive literature documenting the problem.  This 1999 paper by the International Monetary Fund, for example, finds a link between the degree to which a nation or state is dependent on natural resources and the level of corruption.  This paper from 2009 divides the problems into corruption and patronage:

Illuminating the Hidden Costs of Coal: How the Interior Department Can Use Economic Tools to Modernize the Federal Coal Program

This report aims to illuminate some of the hidden costs of coal production, which Interior should account for in order to modernize the federal coal program and earn a more fair return. If Interior had used a higher royalty rate that accounts for even a fraction of the public costs of mining, it could have earned an additional $2 billion from 2009 to 2013, from coal production in four western states-Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Utah.

To modernize the coal program and earn a more fair return, Interior should:

An Introduction to Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Webinar slides prepared for the Vote Solar Initiative to provide an overview of fossil fuel subsidies.  The presentation discusses the informational gaps that often plague numbers on fossil fuel subsidies reported in the press, and provides a number of frameworks and tools to help Vote Solar members to more comprehensively assess that subsidies that competing projects may be receiving.

Fueling Global Warming: Federal Subsidies to Oil in the United States

Extremely detailed, widely peer-reviewed, examination of subsidies to oil in the United States throughout every stage of the fuel cycle. Includes plain-language explanations of how different types of subsidy programs operate and why the are valuable to the recipient industries. This is useful background for subsidy policies even outside of the energy arena. The report includes evaluations of tax policies, direct government programs, loan subsidies, leasing arrangements, and post-closure and accident liabilities.

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